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LL.M. (THIRD SEMESTER) COURSE WINTER 2012 Result RTM Nagpur University

DATED 29/01/2013
The following Roll Nos are declared successful. The figures in bracket indicate the aggregate marks obtained Out of 480

(Group A)

21132( 327)

(Group B)

21144( 355) 21145( 326) 21147( 306) 21149( 339) 21150( 357) 21151( 319) 21152( 342) 21154( 311) 21155( 306) 21156( 320)
21157( 325) 21163( 300) 21165( 276) 21327( 334) 21328( 285) 21390( 359) 21402( 314) 21480( 312) 21481( 302) 21483( 275)
21485( 335)

(Group C)

21182( 305) 21185( 311) 21320( 301) 21335( 290) 21409( 303) 21410( 298) 21412( 303)

(Group D)

21199( 324) 21203( 313) 21210( 329) 21214( 331) 21221( 267) 21223( 285) 21351( 304) 21431( 351) 21440( 306) 21449( 335)

(Group E)

21230( 329) 21232( 347) 21233( 358) 21234( 352) 21235( 390) 21241( 314) 21242( 290) 21455( 310)

(Group F)

21252( 338) 21256( 314) 21261( 335) 21268( 306) 21269( 318) 21463( 307) 21498( 287) 21503( 275) 21505( 284) 21506( 281)
21507( 295) 21508( 294) 21509( 294) 21510( 293) 21518( 316)

(Group G)

21277( 314) 21278( 340) 21279( 312) 21280( 302) 21281( 340) 21282( 313) 21285( 321) 21286( 313) 21287( 309) 21288( 307)
21289( 304) 21292( 367) 21293( 319) 21294( 309) 21295( 298) 21296( 301) 21297( 320) 21299( 334) 21373( 334) 21374( 337)
21381( 333) 21382( 324) 21383( 297)

Witheld for Tabulation

List of Roll No's who failed with Exemption
21131-2S,4S,5S 21146-1,2S,3,4,5S,6 21148-1,2,3,4S,5S,6 21153-1,2,3,4S,5,6
21172-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21173-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21174-1,2S,3,4S,5,6 21175-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6
21176-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21177-1,2S,3,4S,5,6 21178-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21179-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6
21180-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21181-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21183-4S 21184-1,2,3,4S,5,6
21186-1,2S,3,4S,5,6 21200-1,2,3,4S,5S,6 21201-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21202-1,2,3,4,5S,6
21204-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21205-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21206-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21207-1,2,3,4,5S,6
21208-1,2,3,4T,5,6 21209-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21211-1,2S,3,4,5,6 21212-1,2S,3,4T,5T,6
21213-1,2S,3,5S,6 21215-1,2S,3,6 21222-1,3,4S,6 21229-1,2,3,4S,5,6
21231-1S,2S,3,4S,5,6 21243-5T 21249-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21250-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6
21251-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21253-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21254-1,2S,3,4,5S,6 21255-1,2,3,4,5S,6
21257-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21258-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21259-1,2,3,4S,5S,6 21260-1,2,3,4,5S,6
21267-4T 21283-1,2S,3,4S,5,6 21284-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21290-2T,5T
21291-1,2S,3,4S,5,6 21300-1,2S,3,4S,5,6 21313-2T 21319-1,2S,3,4S,5,6
21321-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21341-2S,4S,5S 21342-2S,4S,5S 21343-2,4S,5S
21350-1,3T,4T,6 21352-5T 21360-2S,4S,5S 21366-2T,4T
21372-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21375-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21389-1,2,3,4S,5S,6 21391-1,2,3,4S,5S,6
21392-1,2S,3,4,5S,6 21393-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21394-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21408-1,2S,3,4S,5,6
21411-1,2,3,4S,5,6 21413-1,2S,3,4S,5,6 21420-2T 21428-1,2,3,4S,5S,6
21429-1,2S,3,4,5S,6 21430-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21432-1,2,3,4S,5S,6 21433-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6
21434-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21435-2S,4S,5S 21436-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21437-1,2,3,4,5S,6
21438-1,2S,3,4,5S,6 21439-1,2,3,4S,5S,6 21441-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21442-1,2,3,4S,5S,6
21461-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21462-1,2,3,4S,5S,6 21476-2,4S,5S 21477-1,2,3,4,5S,6
21478-1,2S,3,4,5,6 21479-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21482-1,2,3,4,5S,6 21484-2S,4S,5S
21486-1,2S,3,4,5S,6 21493-1S,2,3T,4,5S,6 21494-1,2,3,4S,5S,6 21499-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6
21500-1,2S,3,4S,5,6 21501-1,2S,3,4S,5S,6 21502-2S,4S,5S 21504-1,2,3,4S,5,6
21511-1,2S,3,4,5S,6 21512-1,2S,3,4,5,6

Note- Failures desiring to appear for Summer 2013 exam shall submit their Examination Forms with full exam fees within 15 days from result date to the college.
By order of the Board of Examinations,
Controller of Examinations,
Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj,
Nagpur University.

Students given guidance on Indian administrative system

A SPECIAL National Service Scheme camp of Shriram School and Higher Secondary School. Wadali. Amravati. has been oprganised here at Matroshri Oldage Home. Bhan-kheda (Bu) village recently.
J V Mahallc. Vice-President of l.okshikshan Institute, inaugurated the camp. Annasaheb Jawanjal. President was present as the chief guest while Kusum Jawanjal. former Corporator. Sima Jawanjal. Secretary of the institute. S G Raut. ex-Headmistress. Pravin Dive, Principal of Shriram School and Higher Secondary School. Wadali. were present the guests. Shramdaon. prayers, yogassaas. discourse, blood group check-up.  intellectual sessions. inspirational songs and cultural programmes for promoting intellectual game skills and arts amongst the students have been organised under the camp. Manoj Jadhav. District Coordinator, guided the students on forumale for success in intellectual sessions while Adv Rampal Kalantri guided on consumer act and also make advice on it. Pandit Pandagade. Divisional Coordinator of National Education Mission, also visited the camp and guided the students. Sandesh Giri while guiding the students on' Health and physical education' asserted the importance of timely act, self-dependent and humbleness. Dr R V Waghmare from Vidyabhani Mahav-idyalaya. and Pat lire from Late Lalbahaddur Shastri Junior College, Shivani Rasulapur guided on'Indian Administrative system'. Saniosh Yadav, Sarpanch from Bhankheda (Bu). Ramrao Mankar. Police Patil. Saviia Gedam. Deputy Sarpanch. B G Wasukar. Headmaster from Zilla Parishad School, Bhankheda have participated in the discussion on Gramdindi. DRDeshmukh. former Education Officer chaired the valedictory programme. PravinDiveand Principal Satish Chaudhary from Matoshri Hirubai Jawanjal Vidyaiaya were the guests. Gathe delivered the introductory remarks. Priyanka Aware. Students representative conducted the proceedings.
S G Raut extended his support for the organisation of the camp. Sangole. Lawhale. Salunke. Masane. Kale and Bankar from Shriram School and Higher Secondary School, took pains for the programme.

Republic Day rally at Wardha

JAI MAHAKAM Shikshan Sansiha, Agnihotri Group of Institution, Wardha. will hold a grand rally on the 64th Republ ic Day*. Scenes, lableaus and band would be the attractions of the rally thai will start at 8 am from Agnihotri College. Wardha and will pass through the entire city.
Pt Shankarprasad Agnihotri will hoist the national tricolour at Agnihotri College at 8 am. The parade will start from college campus and willl pass via Paradeshi Pura. Ram Nagar. Tulazahhawani          Mandir. Bhagalsingh Chowk. Rain nagar Chowk. Magan Sangrahalay Chowk. Socialisi Chowk. NagpurRoad, GuguskarGaragc. Pawade Nursing Home. Wanjari Square and will return lo Agnihotri College campus. Agniholri Group of Institutions has appealed citizens to help make the rally successful.

GH Raisoni Polytechnic Nagpur Job Vacancy Feb 2013

For the Post of Lecturer in Civil / Mechanical Engg. Branch
Interested and Eligible Candidates are required to attend Interview for the post of Lecturer in Civil / Mechanical Engineering.

Qualification: B.E in Civil / Mechanical Engineering or allied branch
with first class.

Salary: Negotiable for deserving candidates.
Venue: Respective Department. G H Raisoni Polytechnic. Nagpur
Date & Time: 28th January. 2013 at 10.00 a.m.

Candidate must carry all relevant Testimonials in Original and attested Photocopies, Passport Size Photograph & Resume with them to substantiate their claim.

VNIT Nagpur Project Engineer Job Vacancy Feb 2013

VNIT Nagpur Project Engineer Job Vacancy Feb 2013

Applications are invited for Project Engineer on contract basis initially for a period of one year.
B.E /B.Tech./B.Arch. Degree in Civil Engineering or Architecture with minimum 2 years of site supervision experience and proficiency in AutoCAD drawing, design, billing, estimates, etc is important. Candidates with age not exceeding 40 yrs and fulfilling these criteria shall only apply with attested copies of all credentials to the Director, VNIT. Nagpur on or before 8" February 2013 Remuneration payable Rs. 40.000/- pm is negotiable for more qualified and deserving candidates. Barnes of shortlisted candidates shall be displayed in Estate Maintenance Section at 11.30 AM on 12'" February, 2013 and interested candidates will be Interviewed at 3.30 PM on the same toy. Separate call letters will not be issued.

Nurse Recruitment 2013 Apply Online -

महाराष्ट्र शासन आरोग्य सेवा 
(अधिपरिचारीका संवर्गातील भरती प्रक्रिया २०१३)


अर्ज ऑनलाईन नोंदणी करण्याचा कालावधी
दि २२.०१.२०१३
दि ०९.०२.२०१३
संगणकीय चलनाद्वारे स्टेट बँक ऑफ इंडिया (SBI)यांच्या शाखांमध्ये फी स्वीकृतीचा  कालावधी
दि २२.०१.२०१३
दि ११.०२.२०१२

ज्या उमेदवारांनी बँकेमध्ये दिनांक ११.०२.२०१३  पर्यंत भरती प्रक्रिया शूल्क जमा केले असेल त्यांचासाठी उरलेला ऑनलाईन अर्ज भरण्याचा कालावधी

दि १२.०२.२०१३ 
रात्री २३.५९ वाजेपर्यंत 

भरती प्रक्रिया शुल्क :
खुल्या प्रवर्गातील उमेदवारांना रुपये ४००/- आणि मागास प्रवर्गातील उमेदवारांना रुपये ३००/- एवढे भारती प्रक्रिया शुल्क जाहिरातीत नमूद केलेल्या पद्धतीनुसार स्टेट बँक ऑफ इंडियाच्या शाखेत भरावे लागेल. 
टीप : बँक शुल्क अधिक

अर्ज करण्याची पद्धत  

  • जाहिरात काळजीपूर्वक वाचावी.
  • उमेदवाराने ऑनलाईन अर्ज ज्या पदासाठी भरणार आहे त्या पदाची पात्रता जाहीरातीमध्ये काळजीपूर्वक वाचावी.
  • उमेदवाराने ऑनलाईन अर्ज भरतेवेळी सर्व आवश्यक कागदपत्रे आणि स्वतःचा अलीकडील काळातील पासपोर्ट साईज फोटो व सहीचीscanned image स्वतः जवळ असण्याची खात्री करावी. फॉर्म भरते वेळी आपल्याला फोटो व सहीची image upload करावी लागेल.
  • ऑनलाईन अर्ज भरण्यासाठी “Apply Online” ह्या लिंक वर क्लीक करून अर्ज भरण्यास सुरवात करावी.
  • आपल्यास अर्ज करावयाचे पद निवडा. एक-एक करत आपल्यास विचारलेल्या प्रश्नांचे उत्तर (Yes/No) पैकी योग्य पर्याय निवडा, संगणक प्रणाली तुम्ही दिलेल्या उत्तरांच्या आधारे तुमची प्राथमिकपात्रता तपासेल.
  • जर प्राथमिक पात्रता चाचणीत  आपण पात्र असाल तर ज्या विभागासाठी अर्ज भरायचा आहे तो विभाग निवडा आणि आवश्यक माहिती भरा.
  • आवश्यक माहिती भरल्यानंतर संगणक प्रणाली तुमचा लॉगीन आय.डी, पासवर्ड आणि एस.बी.आय चलन निर्माण करून तुम्हाला तुमच्या स्क्रीनवर लॉगीन आय.डी, पासवर्ड दाखवेल आणि तुम्ही पुरवलेल्या मोबाईल क्रमांकावर SMS करेल (कृपया आपण आपला मोबाईल क्रमांक अचूकटाकावा जेणेकरून आपल्याला लॉगीन आय.डी आणि पास वर्ड ची माहिती आपल्या मोबाईल क्रमांकावर एस.एम.एस द्वारे प्राप्त होईल) . हा लॉगीन आय.डी म्हणजेच तुमचा अर्ज क्रमांक असेल.
  • तुमच्या लॉगीन आय.डी आणि पासवर्डची माहिती व चलन “ Print My Login Challan details” ह्या बटनवर क्लीक करून प्रिंट करावी.
  • चलन प्राप्त केल्या नंतर, कार्यालयीन कामकाजाच्या दुसऱ्या दिवशी आपल्या नजीकच्या भारतीय स्टेट बँकेच्या कोणत्याही शाखेमध्ये जावे व चलनावर दर्शविलेले शुल्क बँकेत जमा करावे. बँक तुम्हाला शुल्क जमा केल्याची पोहोच देईल.
  • कृपया शुल्क,चलनावर दर्शवलेल्या अंतिम तारखेच्या आत भरा. एकदा भरलेली फी कोणत्याही कारणास्तव परत केली जाणार नाही.
  • भारतीय स्टेट बँकेत चलनाद्वारे शुल्क भरल्यानंतर कार्यालयीन कामकाजाच्या दुसऱ्या दिवशी उर्वरित ऑनलाईन अर्ज “Fill Application Form / अर्ज भरा ” ह्या लिंकवर क्लीक करून अर्ज पूर्ण भरावा.भारतीय स्टेट बँकेत चलनाद्वारे शुल्क भरल्यानंतर अर्जदाराने अर्जामध्ये खालील माहिती भरून अर्ज पूर्ण करणे  आवश्यक आहे त्याशिवाय आपला अर्ज पूर्ण होणार नाही.
  • वैयाक्तिक माहिती.
  • आरक्षण बद्दलची माहिती.
  • शैक्षणिक  माहिती.
  • फोटो आणि सही अपलोड.
  • कामाचा अनुभव.
  • इतर आवश्यक माहिती
वरील सर्व माहिती अर्जामध्ये भरावी ती भरल्याशिवाय आपला अर्ज पूर्ण होणार नाही.माहिती   भरल्यानंतर अर्जाची प्रिंट काढून आपल्या माहिती साठी जतन करून ठेवावी.
ऑनलाईन अर्ज पूर्ण भरल्यानंतर अर्जाची प्रत सार्वजनिक आरोग्य विभागला किंवाएम.के.सी.एल.ला पाठविण्याची आवशकता नाही.
तुमची अर्ज प्रक्रिया येथे पूर्ण होते. अर्जदाराने नियमितपणे वेबसाइट चेक करावी.
लेखी परीक्षेचे ओळख पत्र परिक्षापूर्वी तुमच्या लॉगीन मध्ये व वेबसाइट वर उपलब्ध राहिल. ह्यासाठी वेगळा पत्रव्यवहार केला जाणार नाही. याची कृपया नोंद घ्यावी.
कृपया ऑनलाईन अर्जामध्ये उमेदवाराने आपली सर्व माहिती फक्त इंग्लिश मध्ये भरावी 
Candidates are requested to please fill all the information in online application form in English Only.

Apply Online Now 

RPET-2012 Online Application Form, Notification and Syllabus Details -


RPET 2013 Rajasthan Technical Education Department will issue this notification very soon online along with the RPET 2013 exam date, RPET 2013 online form, RPET 2013 Syllabus and other details for Rajasthan Pre-Engineering Test.
Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test is an entrance examination to get admission in Engineering courses in various government as well as self finance colleges of Rajasthan State which conducts by Technical Education Department of Rajasthan Government every year and this year it will arrange same for academic season 2013-14.

YCCE Nagpur Job Vacancy Jan 2013

Following number of Graduates / Technician / Technical (vocational) apprentices are to be engaged fora period of one year at the college under the Apprentice Act

Vacancy For Post of
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Library Science
  • A/c and Auditing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Office Management
  • Office Secretary / Stenography

Graduate Apprentice Rs. 3,560/- pm. Technician Apprentice (Diploma) Rs. 2.530/- pm. TechnicianApprentice(Vocational) Rs.1,970/-pm.

Eligibility : The apprenticeship training is applicable to candidates who have passed the qualifying examination in 2010 and onwards.

Eligible candidates interested on above terms and conditions should contact the Administrative Officer with all necessary original documents on 18th January, 2013 in the office from 11.00 am to 4.00pm.

Contact : YCCE, Hingna Road, Wanadongri, Nagpur

WEALTH CELLULAR Nagpur Job Vacancy Jan 2013

(Females/Metes for Back office Opratlon and Customer Service)
in Domastic Call center for top Corporate Company,
Person must be graduate with sufficient computer Irtracy and also must
have good Commend overthe Language of En^feh, Hind & Marathl.
Working shifts will be 5 hours ii day timing,
Attractive Salary and Incentive Points.

At  WEALTH CELLULAR CO. F-01 Umlya Towers, Opp Rahato Hospital,
Central Avenue roagpur. CaJI:-9764476936,9923007110,9681726551

Bharat Containers MIDC Nagpur Job Vacancy

We require candidates for the following position:

QUALITY CONTROL OFFICER (M/F- 1 post each)Science Graduate/ Graduation appeared, must having min. 2-3 years working Experience in Quality Assurance. Knowledge of QMS is Must.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, having minimum 8 - 10 years experience in Tool Room/Production Floor. Shall be responsible for all Electrical/Mechanical Maintenance of various types of Production Line Machines. Preference will be given to Candidate having basic knowledge of CAD.

Interested Experienced candidates may only apply in person & meet on the following address on Sunday the 20.1.2013 between 11.00 a.m. & 3.00 p.m.

Bharat Containers (Nagpur) Pvt. Ltd.
N-80 New M.I.D.C. Industrial Area, Hingna Road, Nagpur-440016 E mail:

Ramteke and Associates Gadchiroli Job Vacancy

Interview Dt 23-1-2013,                         
Time: 10.00 AM

Add:- Ramteke & Associates (Architect Firm)
Near Mahlla Mahavldyalya, Complex Road, GADCHIROLI

Mo.: 9422135145, 9921481319

ELBEX Job Vacancy at Nagpur

A fast growing Courier Company Pan India with Its Branch In NAGPUR opening on 17 of January 2013, require


Attractive Salary + Inceathres.
17 & 18 of January 2013 at:
Shop No:3, Grauad Floor, Dhanashree Complex , Sitabuldi , Nagpur

TW: +91 96235 09035, +91 95009 81287

IBSAT Exam results 2012 - 2013

IBSAT Exam results 2012

IBS has been one of the best B-Schools in the country, providing excellent academic delivery and infrastructure to its students. At IBS, we offer innovative and globally accepted programs and great opportunities for all-round development. 100% case-based learning is unique to IBS. IBS transforms its students into leaders of the future.

IBSAT Exam results 2012 IBS Business School Admission test results on 16.1.2013:
IBS Business School declared IBSAT Exam results 2012.

Candidates appeared for the examination on 15th december 2012 will be looking forward for the online exam results on Name wise and also in Roll No wise

IBS Admission Test (IBSAT) 2012 And the IBSAT Result 2012 will be Available

Results will be available on january 16 2013.
IBSAT 2013 Apply online:

HUDA Result 2013 | HUDA Rohtak Draw Results Sector 5

HUDA Office Complex, C - 3, Sector 6, Panchkula, INDIA
Phones: 0172 - 2567857, 2564048, 2560605
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The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has declared result of the lottery draw of lots for the HUDA Rohtak Sector-5 freehold residential plots scheme on Friday, January 11, 2013.

HUDA Rohtak Draw Results Sector 5. Rohtak Huda Sector 5 result delay: Huda draw result 2012-13 a* Haryana Urban Development Authority Known as HUDA,the new scheme residential plots of sector Rohtak (Haryana) is out Last few months ago, the HUDA completed the application form for Sector 5 Rohtak as well but results is late. This scheme was having about 440 plots which were put on sale through method of a draw for the applicants. The Draw results of Haryana Urban Development Authority Rohtak is published in the month of January 2013.


Serco BOP Pune Job Vacancy Jan 2013

We are one of India's largest BPOs and we are looking for:
Customer Service Associates
What we offer:
■  Attractive salary
■  Transport facility
■  Fun loving and open work culture
Who should apply:
■  Minimum Class 12 Pass
■  Comfortable with working in 24 x 7 environment
■  Fluent in English and Hindi/Marathi

Walk-in for spot offers with your resume, 2 photographs, ID proof, address & all qualification proofs between 10 am and 6 pm (Monday to Saturday).

Gigaspace IT Park, 5th Floor, Alpha II, Viman Nagar, Pune - 411 014 | Contact No. : 9970180633 / 8552918899

Profit Advertisers Nagpur Job Vacancy 2013

Profit Advertisers (I) Pvt. Ltd.
A well known advertising agency is looking for team mates who have zeal to excel & ability to accept challenges
Executive - Client Servicing
Pleasing personality excellent communication skills go-getter graduate in any discipline with PG Degree / Diploma in marketing is what we are looking for
Front Office Executive  -Female
Good Communication & Co-ordination skills, proficiency in computer S Secretarial work is a must
Accounts Officer
Degree in commerce & proficiency in accounting software is must. Will be responsible for tax. audits, preparation of management reports handling Correspondence with external auditors etc.

Walk in with your resume along with Photographs on 2nd & 3rd January between 11am & 2 pm

402, Govind Apartmenl near to Shankar Nagar Post Office, WHC Rd. Shankar Nagar, Nagpur. email:

Hi Tech Hospital Sadar Nagpur Job Vacancy 2013

Resident Doctors - 3 Posts Qualification : M.B.B.S., B.A.M.S., B.H.M.S. Experience : Minimum 3 Years.
Walk in Interview with Resume, Testimonials & Passport Size Photograph From 7th Jan. 13 to 9th Jan. 13 between 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Hi Tech Hospital, Opp. Kasturba Library, Near Gandhi Chowk,
Sadar, Nagpur -1. Ph. 0712-2524444 / 2543333


 A Leading Nationwide pharmaceutical Company Requires
02 for Nagpur. 01 For Gadchiroli, 01 for Chandrapur ,01 for Bulchana 01 for Akola, 01 Aurangabad, 01 Hingoli, 01 Yavatamal
1)Only Pharma Candidates will be Considered. 2) Experience Candidates will be Prefered First. Basic Started From Rs 10000-/ OnWards
A Walk In Interview held from 10 .00 AM To 5 Pm Dt. 04/01/2013

For Only Pharma Experience Candidates Can be Considered
CONTACT :- MR. D.N. Mishra (ZSM) 08554032222



Abhinav School and Collage Pune Job Vacancy 2013

Application farm can be obtained from above mentioned address and to be submitted duly filled along with a passport size photograph within 10 days or mailed on:

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